Wednesday morning, 20 December 2017, 2750 invitations were issued with a min score of 446 Canada Express Entry
the first choice in December 2017, issued 2750 invitations with a min score of 452, and in November the Canadian Department of Immigration, Asylum and Citizenship announced  four  rounds of Antarctic Express. 
It should be noted that the invitations issued in option number 80 are specific to all immigration programs, such as the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Federal Skilled Trades Program, the Canadian Experience Class, and the Provincial Nominee Program. 
In Choice No. 78 Express Anther , the minimum score was 439, which is compared with today’s lowest scores by 13 points. The reason for this can be a three-week interval between the selection of No. 78 and the selection of No. 79 because at that time interval More applicants have been able to create profiles in the Express Extension Database. Typically, in 2017, the minimum score needed was between 400 and 450, so the minimum score for this course of choices seems odd and unexpected. 
In the  selection of 75 and 76 Express Antarctica  on Wednesday 1 November 2017, 290 invitations were issued with a minimum score of 673 for the Provincial Nominee Program, and 505 invitations were issued with a min score of 241 for the Federal Skilled Trades Program immigration program. The number of applicants selected for courses 75 and 76 was not Federal Skilled Worker applicants, but previous Impression Expressions, the total number of applicants selected in all immigration programs was announced. For example, 2757 applicants with a minimum score of 436 were selected for the No. 74 Express Email  on October 18, 2017, and 2801 applicants with a minimum score of 438 were  selected  on the October 4, 2017 issue of 73 Express Antarctica . 
A senior expert from the Department of Immigration, Asylum and Citizenship last year, investigated the  implications of changes in Canadian Express Canada’s  system, the results showed that changes to the Canadian Express Canadian system have caused more applicants to invite Invitation They will receive Apply, and most of these invitations have been issued on the basis of a human capital investment, skill and experience, and two job offerings from the employer and a nomination certificate from the province have not been important for obtaining additional points.  
The most important point in his research was that more applicants have been accepted outside of Canada, especially those who  have been eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Class Federal Reserve program  , after applying for changes to the Express E-Mail system. Have.
Earlier , Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Asylum ,  Ahmed Hussein, said  that the changes were intended to enhance the Intranet Express system and, given the special privilege for French speakers and those who have siblings in Canada, more The expert will attract the expert. The third change was that it was no longer obligatory to register for a job-seeking bank for Antarctic Express



Date of the courseMinimum Score Required Number of invitations issued for action in the federal specialist program 
December 20, 20174462750
December 6, 20174522750
November 15, 20174392750
November 8, 20174582000
October 18, 20174362757
October 4, 20174382801
September 20, 20174332871
September 6, 20174352772
August 23, 20174343035
August 9, 20174332991
August 2, 20174413264
July 17, 20174403202
June 28, 20174493409
May 31, 20174133877
May 17, 20174153687
May 4, 20174233796
April 19, 20174153665
April 12, 20174233923
April 5, 20174313753
March 24, 20174413749
March 1, 20174343884
February 22, 20174413611
February 8, 20174473664
January 25, 20174533508
January 11, 20174593334
January 4, 20174682902
December 25, 20164752878
December 16, 2016 497 1936
November 30, 2016 486 559
November 16, 2016 470 2427
November 2, 2016 472 2080
October 19, 2016 475 1804
October 12, 2016 484 1518
September 21, 2016 483 1288
September 7, 2016 491 1000
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